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Spirometry Resources

The below resources have been created for you to use outside the spirometry course and in your day to day while performing spirometry tests. Feel free to print out these documents and place them in your testing room.

Standards and Guidelines in Spirometry 

  1. ATS Standardisation of spirometry
  2. ATS Standardisation of spirometry 2019 update
  3. TSANZ Position Statement – Respiratory surveillance for coal mine dust and artificial stone exposed workers
  4. TSANZ – Standards for Delivery of Spirometry – QIP assessment of 100 spirometry tests
  5. TSANZ – Standards for the Delivery of Spirometry for Resource Sector Workers 2022
  6. Pulmonary Function Testing during SARS-CoV-2 Outbreaks: Preliminary Guidance from TSANZ/ANZSRS – January 2022
  7. New statutory guideline for respiratory health surveillance of mineral mine and quarry workers – May 2021
  8. Easy On PC software updates – 2019 standards

Course Material

  1. 10 Post Course Submission document
  2. PowerPoint handout for the course in Spirometry
  3. How to correct spirometry test errors diagram
  4. List of bronchodilators table
  5. Patient Information and Consent Form – Template
  6. Post Course 100 Spirometry Logbook


  1. GLI Reference Values for Spirometry – Advantages and Consequences
  2. National Asthma Council (NAC) Spirometry Handbook
  3. National Asthma Council (NAC) Spirometry Users and Buyers Guide

Quality Assurance in Spirometry

  1. Spirometry Quality Assurance – Common errors and their impact on results (NIOSH)
  2. QIP QA Spirometry Checklist
  3. Quality Assurance Template Oct21


  1. Syncope During Spirometry Protocol
Updated on May 4, 2022

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