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How to use a PortaCount machine

Provided on this page is a series of operational videos from TSI, the manufacturers of the PortaCount units, to guide you through successful respirator fit testing.

PortaCount Set Up 

First steps for respirator fit testing with PortaCount (2:43 min).

SCBA Respirator Fit Testing

How to conduct respirator fit testing with an SCBA respirator (3:26 min).

N95 Respirator Fit Testing

Simplify N95 Testing Process

How to simplify the fit testing process for N95 filtering facepieces (4:09)

Fit Testing with an N95 mask

Respirator fit testing with an N95 mask probe kit (1:37 min)

Using the PortaCount Daily Check Feature

How to perform Daily Checks for fit testing (2:34 min).

Real-Time Respirator Fit Testing

Real-Time FitCheck Mode Explained

Using the Real-Time FitCheck® Mode (4:22).

Real-Time Fit Factor Display

Using Real-Time Fit Factor Display for quick respirator size checks (5:21 min).

Preparing Half and Full-Face Respirators for Fit Testing

How to prepare a half or full-face respirator for fit testing (3:35 min).

TSI PortaPunch Probe Insertion Tool Training Video

Proper setup and use of TSI PortaPunch™ to probe any filtering facepiece respirator. (2:34 min).

Get and Inside Look at TSI Service

See the level of attention each instrument receives (2:51 min).

Updated on February 28, 2021

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